today: these memories

“The gladdest hours that we know begin with a friend or two.
-Wilbur D. Nesbit


A weekend is too short when you have a pair of babies-becoming-toddlers who you love and who moved far away and who came to visit. A weekend is too short when their parents are friends you could (and have in the past) seen most days and never get tired of the mix of banter and quality conversation that flows. A weekend, though, is enough to remind me of how full my life is…

And it was a good weekend… one that we stretched to, oh, Wednesday.

These photos are from the Saturday night sleepover with the twins. I just love these guys. They make me wonder what it will be like when I have little ones of my own. I look at them and have such great hope for who they are becoming as they grow up. I look at them and have such deep affection for who they already are.

Sam, the steady little man, taking the world seriously, weighing options before making his move… he is dear.


Lucy goes, goes, goes while telling you she wants to “go, go, go.” She runs and laughs and plays with all her might. Her hunger for life is contagiously beautiful.


I love that I got so much time with them. Watching them be together is watching a friendship of birthright and choice. All they’ve ever known is life together.


Who’d have thought the help I was hired to give would come full circle? For now, they help me see and wonder and dream… They help me remember what really matters is loving people and loving them well. Of course, these two are not that difficult to love. And love them I do.


Goodbye, R family, for now… Miss Erin is already planning her next trip.


One response to “today: these memories

  1. what can we say. we are completely overwhelmed by you. by your talent, your thoughts, and your love. thank you, thank you, thank you. we love you so much.

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