today: morning

“You can only come to the morning through the shadows.”
-J.R.R. Tolkien

The other night, I stayed overnight with my little friends who are still visiting. In the morning, I was greeted (a little earlier than I would have preferred…) with this scene:


I love how happy most kids are when they wake up, how they are ready for the day, ready for life, ready to be… I love how they want to play and laugh and eat. This seems pretty standard across the board for most little people. Some take a little longer to be ready to embrace the day, but they generally start out (if they got enough sleep) so ready. I think that’s where we’re supposed to live… so ready… for whatever is coming, eager to embrace life.

When you grow up in the top half a large family, you can either love little kids or be resentful all the time. All of the older kids in my family opted for the former while yielding to the latter sometimes. We adore ’em. And yet we’ve all held out on having some of our own… that’s a whole different blog post worthy of unwanted psychoanalysis…

Sam and Lucy came into my life because of that genuine love for kids. Spending an early morning with them allowed us to be together, just being. I love, love, love my mornings most of the time. I generally get them to myself and don’t like to share. Being with them, though, put a little exuberance in the start of my day. It suited us all just fine.


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