today: right place, right time

“If you’re alive, you can’t be bored in San Francisco. If you’re not alive, San Francisco will bring you to life.”
-William Saroyan

Boredom is something that routinely sneaks in and wreaks havoc on many a twentysomething Western life these days. Our eyes wander. We lust after the next big thing, unable to see the proverbial forest as we hack our way through the trees. We chase entertainment instead of change.

The wanderlust itch cannot be scratched today. Yesterday, though, I met some friends for lunch, and the littlest of those friends ran from her mom’s van, arms outstretched, calling my name… or the name she has chosen to call me. “Beh Beh,” she cried. Then she laughed when she saw me and ran away.


I don’t want to miss the moments for the days that sometimes seem long and uninteresting. I believed God called me to Texas for a while when I moved home. May this place, then, be the birthplace and the nurturing facility for many a new and old dream. Boredom repels wholeness, hunger and interest…

I proofed that photo of Grace this evening, and she allowed my gaze to drift towards some of what matters here. Then I proofed these photos and want to be more intentional about seeing the yahoos in my life as much as I can while Texas is where I am… Because they bring me to life.



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