today: I’ve missed…

“My friends are my estate.”
-Emily Dickenson

In her truest form, Lucy let me take her out of her stroller as soon as she saw me. A quick hug from her dad, a kiss on her brother’s cheek, and we were off on a walk down the sidewalk outside of the DFW terminal. She squealed and giggled as she gripped my hand, her tip-toed stride fast for such a wee girl.


In his truest form, Sam clung to his dad while he eyed me curiously. He let me kiss him, staring. He watched me go, shy and seeming suspicious. But I know better. When Lucy and I returned, he let me pull him into my arms. His smile, more reserved than his sister, cautiously played on his face.


Last year I spent a few days each week with the twins and their parents. They are some of those like-family friends who make your life better just because you know they exist. They moved away in May. I visited in August. They’re visiting this weekend. My world seems wonderfully fuller when they are around.

Amber says the twins matter to me so much because I knew them when they were newborns. I hoovered with their parents when they cried too much or ate too little. We celebrated good naps and belly laughs and an abundance of firsts. I love them all. Lucy, for her exuberance; Sam, for his contemplation; Catherine, for her questions and wisdom; Shehzad, for his humor and encouragement…

And I’ve missed them. These next few days are going to be good. I love, love, love the kindness of God revealed in the people he’s put in my life. I’m overwhelmed with the abundance. And thankful. So thankful.

Tonight we hung out. Shehzad’s family was there. We ate. The kids played. Everyone cooed over them. Times like these are the good stuff of life. I did think, though, that I’ve never been loved by any kid as much as the twins love their uncle who was there… They kept running to him, laughing, hugging, kissing, would-have-been-smothering… if he hadn’t been so delighted…and then I was kinda glad I don’t have to share them with him when I see them tomorrow.


2 responses to “today: I’ve missed…

  1. Erin, I am sitting here gathering up the courage to workout and read your blog and looked at the pictures and now crying!! Shame on you. I absolutely loved it. Can’t wait to see them all. Thanks for sharing.

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