today: zak

“The years teach much which the days never know.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

The other day, my brother had a meeting that ended at church before my dad came to pick him up. He hung out with me in my office. Zak is as 14 as 14 can be. The teenage years are a mixed bag…

We shot some photos, because Zak was bored, and I was feigning work anyways when he came into my office.
Zak asked a lot of questions about the Africa photos hanging on my wall. He pulled up a chair beside my desk and tilted his head, listening as I answered. Why did I go? What did I see? Could I please not show him any graphic photos? He did not say much, but I could tell he was thinking.

His thinking, his asking open-ended questions that had nothing to do with himself, and his lack of sarcastic commentary so common in our family allowed me a momentary glimpse into the heart of a boy growing up.
It was good to see.


2 responses to “today: zak

  1. I lurve him, our Zaky.

  2. very good to see. :]

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