today: yesterday

“hope is the dream of a soul awake.”
French Proverb

it might take an airplane or two or three
to close this gap between you and me
to know this story that sets the world free
to discover the ever present way to peace
is right here now with you and me
in our worlds distinct

Some days it is good to remember that this story includes hope that the world can change, hope that our lives can change, hope that unconditional love is real and readily available. The dynamic of hope changes the world. I want to be someone who looks at the most broken of circumstances and determines to bring hope. Jesus was really good at that.

This story, my own story, sometimes seems a little dull or a little gruff. But somewhere in me is the girl who gets on airplanes and tries to see and understand and bring hope. If these remain just words remembering a life I used to live, then I wonder why these thoughts? Why now?

Perhaps it’s time to dream again. Awake.


One response to “today: yesterday

  1. I think that the cheesy song we listened to in my car may have squirmed its way into your psyche. I see echoes of it here. 🙂

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