tonight: moon

“Let a joy keep you. Reach out your hands and take it when it runs by.”
Carl Sandburg

I always wished I could write cities as well as Carl Sandburg wrote Chicago… but alas, if it were Sandburg’s gift, it wouldn’t be mine…

Tonight driving home, the moon rose just as I headed east towards the highway that leads to my apartment. I caught a glimpse of it and literally gasped. Every now and again, seeing the moon as twilight yields to night, red and possessing a massive piece of sky, gets me. I stared and wished I had my camera and then stared some more.

This morning I read the creation story, and pondered God speaking the world into existence. I don’t want to get into the science of what that looked like when I read that story. I am amazed, though, regardless of how it all came together, that God spoke… and it was so.

The moon in the sky struck me. God spoke, and it was so. God spoke and speaks words, and when he did and does, something happens. I suppose it’s the stuff of redemption that God did not stop speaking when the fall happened, oh, two chapters after “it was so.” Things got messy, and God stuck around…

We who are created in the image of God speak words and create realities by the words we choose to speak. They can be heaven or hell for those around us, a light that shines in the darkness, or a hood pulled over their eyes. Words produce. All creation reminds us of that. It is so.

That’s not why I gasped at the moon tonight, though. It was beautiful. The beauty commanded response. The response, wordless worship. I stared and wished I had my camera and drove and stared some more. When I got home, the moon was not visible from my apartment. By the time I sat down to write this , several hours later, visibility improved, but only because it had risen high. It looked like the moon on many a night, a little less striking…

And I guess I need to work on my night shots, but this is all I got of it… a snapshot to remember tonight’s early evening delight.


One response to “tonight: moon

  1. lovely, more than that though…
    striking. striking words.
    beautifully said e.

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