tagged: one for Megs Squared (all the cool kids are doing it)

Meghan emailed me this earlier today. She tagged me. She tagged Megan. Since I can’t be Megs Squared, at least I can play…


Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a note with sixteen random things, shortcomings, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, list the people you tagged and why you chose them. You have to tag the person who tagged you.

1. I am afraid of cockroaches.
2. When I was in Toronto, I asked a guy at Starbucks what was on the radio because I liked it. It was a Garth Brooks song. I was embarrassed.
3. I hate eggs.
4. I love the sky.
5. I used to be really competitive, but now I mostly don’t care.
6. I became a runner by accident.
7. I wish I was funnier.
8. I took this photo at 3200 ISO… most of you don’t know what that means, but to the few who do… holy cow.
9. I want to live in Europe.
10. I want to live in Africa.
11. I want to live pretty much everywhere.
12. I didn’t plan to live in Texas for this long this time around, but now that I have I am really thankful.
13. I love witty quotes. This is the only photo I have of a witty quote.
14. I’m not very excited about going back to work tomorrow. It makes me feel a little like this:
15. I rely heavily on my sisters for childhood memories because I don’t remember much of anything. Not sure what that means.
16. I make up stories in my head about people around me when I am bored in line or on the subway, etc. Maybe I shouldn’t admit that.

Megs Squared: because they already did this.
Bridge: because she is my sister the fabulous hotshot lawyer.
Catherine: because she is funny and lovely and I get to see her in 3 weeks
Amber: because she’s one of my besties… and I love her.
Carla: another bestie… but I can’t find her blog link…edited… she sent it to me… because we had chairs in Poland when I discovered I loved Europe. And I love her.
Joni: because we just hung out in Toronto.
Debo: because she is my other fabulous sister.
That’s all.


3 responses to “tagged: one for Megs Squared (all the cool kids are doing it)

  1. I’m just saying…I knew if it was a blog challenge, you would do it. feeling a bit like an evil genius for it working. not gonna lie…a bit like an evil genius. moooeeeeeeaa aa aa aaa (that is an evil laugh)

  2. here’s a linky for you.

  3. I emailed mine. 🙂 And one of those childhood memories you may have suppressed includes a love of the Garth Brooks album Ropin’ the Wind. You loved him first, but I love him still.

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