today: hello, 2009, it’s good to see you

This morning I woke up, sans the too-much-alcohol headache that sometimes accompanies New Year’s Eve festivities. That, it turns out, is a great way to start the year. I spent a few minutes with my journal welcoming the turning calendar before I started in on my coffee routine. The next few days will include some pondering of hopes and dreams for 2009, I suspect. Hopefully I’ll get there. The fog of apathy that has surrounded me the past few months seems to be lifted.

Ontario is good for me.

It’s the sea of faces I have missed seeing. I have spent a lot of time drinking a lot of coffee catching up. Laughter in large quantities and into tears lightens the heart. It’s not that everything is fine and beautiful everywhere. It’s just that this place is a breath of fresh air long needed.
I spent New Year’s Eve catching up with another round of old friends and meeting some new ones. Joni continued to graciously cart me all around the GTA to meet up with people and photograph the Canadian things I miss. Along the way we did some shopping and eating.

I got carded at the liquor store, which turned into an interrogation because Texas driver’s license came into question with the very thorough cashier. She furrowed her brow and stared at my face. Eventually, hesitantly she allowed me to buy beer. In Ontario, the legal drinking age is 19. In 2009, I’ll turn 30. I suppose my cup of kindness I’ll drink yet is the youth that is clinging to my face. I’ll take it. Thank you.

I can’t even get over, still, the people here. My heart has not been full like this in months. God knew I needed a break. He knew I needed to be here.
I gotta say, though, that the weather is almost killing me. I so wanted snow. Snow I got. In my romanticizing of Toronto, though, I forgot about the cold that accompanies the snow. This afternoon when I came in from taking photos outside, my fingers barely moved. I was unsure they’d thaw. If you do decide to be in this part of the world at this time of year, I have one recommendation:
Buy the good boots. Trust me.

Eventually I’ll get to my resolutions. Eventually I’ll hear God on hopes and dreams for 2009. My heart is in a better place to see and hear and step out in ’09. I don’t know quite what that looks like just yet. The sentiment, though, will start somewhere along these lines:
Happy New Year. Hope we cross paths in 2009. Drop a line as time allows.


One response to “today: hello, 2009, it’s good to see you

  1. Ahh….so glad this trip has filled your cup. May it continue to overflow for a long time.

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