today: thanks, new york

for the wanderlust
and the endless trust
for the seeing all
for the buildings tall
for the museums smart
for the fashion that is art
for the music loud
for the redundant crowd
for the island grand
for the hotdog stands
for the apple big
and it’s endless tricks
that mesmerize
wide-eyed and quietly,


I went to New York City for the charity:water gala. My friend Liz, who lives in NYC, attended with me. We partied it up for my favorite cause. It was all very Sex in the City in a way. It provoked our hearts in another way. The whole thing was amazing. You should go to the website right now and read up and then give lots of money… Here’s Liz and I pre-event:
The past few days have been crazy busy. I got on a plane early Monday morning, leaving the team I was working with in Mexico, to go to NY for the charity:water event. That in and of itself was crazy. I was tired. Flights were hectic then delayed; the airports overstuffed with agitation and crowds. I arrived frazzled and made my way from LaGuardia to some friends’ of Liz’s place where I got ready.

By the time the event ended on Monday evening, I could barely keep my eyes open. I slept in on Tuesday, started my day lazily, with coffee and writing. Eventually, well after noon, I got dressed and caught the subway into town. I love subways.
Liz lives way the heck Uptown, so I was on the train for a long time. I people watched and read and people watched some more. When we were above ground, I looked out the window to see whatever of the city was the backdrop for the ride in.
I spent the afternoon alone, wandering around the West Village and NYU. I ate pizza. I sat in a coffee shop; reading, thinking, writing, praying.
The thing about cities is the way being alone doesn’t have to be lonely at all. There is an equal and opposite truth to that statement in that you can be surrounded by people and utterly lonely as well. Cities seem to emphasize these two extremes in contrast.

It was too cold and foggy for lots of photos, but I wandered the streets nonetheless, stopping at the Strand to peruse books for hours. The crazyness of shifting from Mexico to New York died down slowly as the day unfolded unplanned. My heart lightened a good bit. I got to decompress in the city, alone with the masses, as snow fell lightly. By nightfall, a dusting covered cars parked along the street.

It was a good day, the kind of day for which I am grateful, when existence in the moment is enough.


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