“And for sure we have danced in the risk of each other
would you like to dance around the world with me?”
So said Dave Matthews when he penned his first song. For a girl he loved. She did not love him. Things seemed to work out ok for Dave.

And yes, here’s to dancing around the world.

This next week is gearing up for all kinds of craziness. I do love some good anticipation of what happens next. And I do wish I was sleeping better. Insomnia gets the best of me right before Mexico trips. Adding a New York trip on to the tail of Mexico, well, it has not helped.

In the big picture all kinds of goodness abounds. It’s the details that are getting me.

How’s that for a stream of consciousness post?


One response to “remembering

  1. Dave Matthews is brilliant. You are brilliant. May your sleep be deep and peaceful…and enough.

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