today: limits

the sky’s the…
…endless possibility
…hopeful resurgence
…forever out of reach
created and called good and beckoned to believe
change is possible
change is inevitable
change makes new
day in and day out
in season
the sky’s the limit

Today started with Debo and scones on the couch while we looked at Facebook and rushed to get out the door. Had we skipped Facebook, we’d have avoided the rush as well. I took photos of friends and came home to hang out with my boyfriend Harry Potter. I needed to read, to pray, to proof photos, to run. I booked flights for some December stuff. I thought about Christmas shopping. Bridget and I shopped for some Vamos Tamaulipas kids for shoes.

Today finished full. I have all these questions lingering in my head about today and tomorrow and future and life. I so, so want to hear God speak very clearly and write specific detailed instructions about how to do the things he’s called me to. I so want certainty to alleviate relating to a God who made faith the way he loves his children. He lets us in. He lets us choose. He gives us questions and doubts and decisions. I want answers and certainty and orders so I don’t have to figure things out.

The figuring things out is at times wonderful when childlike curiosity and trust mingle. Today it felt cumbersome. I wanted a list I could itemize and check of as I completed the task at hand. This season is requiring flexibility. I hope in the midst I keep being beckoned to see beauty all around.


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