today: thankful

thanks for the good stuff of life
especially seen
in people and places
everything, in one way or another
reflects beauty, truth, wonder
at times only as a means of revealing redemption
but given this world
this life, this story
with the at times
redemption is enough
the good stuff of life
hits hard
and thanks seems a word too small

Today we had a lot of the good stuff of life.
It’s not that life is perfect or easy. It’s just that there is so much to be thankful for. Family. Friends. God. Love. Stories. Places. Music. Books. Running. Laughter. Life.

My sleepy head forgets, often, to pause and see the world around me, the world that beckons thankfulness. Being thankful displaces pride. It displaces entitlement. To say thanks is to recognize that all is grace.

I love this holiday most of all, with the eating and running and playing and family and lack of stuff. It is life at it’s best. Today was a good day. My heart is full, thankful.


2 responses to “today: thankful

  1. Good for you.

    My head is too full to wriet anything else.

  2. ..or even spell ‘write’ correctly.

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