along the way

along the way
you sometimes see
the beauty of reality
today it only snuck up on me
made me wonder what will be

Always something to see…it is really, really important to keep looking, keep seeing, keep believing there’s more… I am learning some things to love about Dallas. Today we worked in our Lakewood “office” for the second day in a row, and the feel of Lakewood was glorious, even in the windy cold.
I love this (is it a mural) outside of the Lakewood Starbucks. It makes me smile for some reason.
When life gets hectic, rest and joy and peace and all the stuff of life with Jesus tends to seem a little diluted. Intentionality is called for, but I struggle with choosing to be intentional. I crave the rest and joy and peace. Tomorrow, Sunday, Sabbath of sorts, I’m going to try to wake up to those realities.

This little munchkin has certainly helped out with the joy part. She is ready, though, for her mom and dad to come home. I love, love, love her laugh and am glad to have caught it, if in snapshotty form. Did you know snapshotty was an adjective? No? Well, then, you learned something today.


2 responses to “along the way

  1. i think this must have been before she called me a mean girl…doh!

  2. Love this. Classic Elle-Belles. You’re amazing.

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