“if you dream it
I will dream bigger
if you want it
I will have better
if you think best is conceivable
I will blow you away
time and again
(like the mama who chases after her little bunny)
your world continually rocked
by the steadfastness
and super-sized reality
of my goodness”
whispered the faithful one
I call him Father
he calls me friend
amazed I am
Storytelling has always been a part of how I do life. Words entertain me endlessly. I notice details and want to get them down on paper. This is part of the core of the way I am made. I get that.

Photography, though, became part of my story-telling methodology because I had to take photojournalism for my degree. And Amber is a photographer. And she helped me out. And I read an article Scott Harrison wrote about his time with Mercy Ships. The images made me cry… and hunger for something more. And then I went to Ireland after Amber helped me buy a cheap digital SLR on ebay. So began my journey towards photography.

Something clicked. Pun intended. I stepped into something I had not thought to dream for myself.

Today I sat in a meeting about a (really big deal of a) photography opportunity I have next week. Amber was there too, and the two of us felt aware that though we make plans, God directs our steps. I don’t want to get into all the details of the hows and the whys of today. I found myself considering, though, on the way home, how photography got written into my story. I did not choose it. But I love it.

I find myself thankful considering all that is happening around me. I find myself hopeful considering all that is to come.


One response to “beyond

  1. This was immensely encouraging to me today. I miss our conversations. Although we tend to have so few of them, they are of such high quality that it feels like we have them much more often.

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