it’s hip when e’s squared

Life most nights looks like this during this time of year:

For the next few days, I’m supernannying it up with my little friend Ellie. Her mom and dad are visiting some mutual friends. While I am jealous, Ellie and I rocked out tonight. Here is our evening in a nutshell:
Being around little kids keeps some of the simple goodness of life in front of my face, so I think it’s good. Stay tuned for our adventures, as I recalled a story to Ellie’s mom from a few years ago when I stayed with some kids for a long weekend. Early in the morning, one of the kids crept into the room where I was sleeping. He woke me up pointing his finger in my face. “You go away,” he said, “and bring back my Mommy.”

He was done with me. Ellie, for now, is ok with me.

Being here has allowed me to slow down, so I am going through my old files from this year. Found this poem tonight and loved it again… 🙂


One response to “it’s hip when e’s squared

  1. Hey Erin
    Is this Sam the Man??

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