what happened tonight, today, in the preceding weeks
reflects what cuts to the heart of a nation
reflects desire for change
reflects discontent with the way things are
the people who have spoken fall silent
and listen as the elder yields to the younger
what happened tonight invites choice:
some will adapt quickly, find their feet, hope, pray dream
others will shrug shoulders staunchly, take it in stride, slowly
fear will grip the hearts of some who forget or know not
that rain falls on the righteous and the decrepit
peace and hope and love and grace suit the best of leaders
but are found in the one who led by surrender
and may this rising leader’s footing be most firm
because he humbles himself and prays
and reflects the one that made him
what happened tonight, today and in preceding weeks and years and generations,
consequence, not perfection planned
man’s best foot forward
a constant contrast to the way things were meant to be
we cried for a king
and mourn the outcome when the road rocks
we cried for a king
and proclaim his majesty when our wallets are fat and wars are won
ultimately, though, tonight, today… forever
our hope, our trust, our security belongs
in the one we hope this change will reflect
Psalm 1 talks about how people who live the way God made them to live are like trees planted by a river, evergreens. Whenever a new leader gets elected in the USA, the whole world watches, waiting, because whoever leads the USA holds a lot of cards.

It is challenging to be a Jesus follower in a nation holding a lot of cards. It was challenging to know who to vote for today. It was challenging to listen to Christians point fingers and accuse and say awful things about both candidates. It is challenging to choose to continually place hope and trust in an unseen God who is ultimately and forever faithful.

God is who he is. And that is gospel, good news, because of who he is. We have hope. Not because Obama, our president-to-be gave or gives us hope. Hope’s history goes way back.

I find myself hopeful tonight because so many got out and voted. I read a quote today that said, “in times of stress and strain, people will vote.” And vote we did.

What happens next is largely to be determined, but we have this great opportunity to pray, to take risks, to step out and boldly live like Jesus, righting wrongs and healing hurts. That does not change with the tectonic shift of power that took place tonight. Everything changes and nothing changes.


2 responses to “change

  1. Beautiful.

  2. Nicely put Erin. Great job!

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