e b & j

The kiddos who bookend our family spaced their birthdays by twenty-something years less two days. The elder of those two turned twenty-ish-something today. The younger of those two joined me, two days into his eighth year, and we celebrated their birthdays over lunch.
I love ’em both, and I love that Mondays are slow moving for me. After Bridge went back to work, J and I wandered around downtown Fort Worth. He obliged my photography addiction.
He’s become quite the looker as he grows up. Who am I kidding? He has always been quite the looker.

I always enjoy getting time with just one of the many small (and ever getting bigger) kiddos in our family. Infrequent are the days these days, though, where I get to single one out. I find myself wanting to be more intentional after a day like today. I love seeing who a kid, any kid, is becoming. The ones I have known since birth, family or not, all have special places in my heart.

J told me today he wants to go to China or Russia on an adventure… so long as he can bring a computer so he doesn’t miss the game. We wandered around town and talked and ate ice cream. We laughed and covered our ears when a jackhammer attempted to deafen us. We sat in quiet on the drive home. He said thank you when I dropped him off.


Bridge had to go back to work before most of our day occurred, but I am glad we got to be together too. We have our differences but mostly we are friends. And sisters. And that is a gift. God in his kindness put us together. God in his kindness gave us the most amazing, most interesting, most precocious younger bookend with whom we celebrated today. Life is good.

Our family has it’s “for worse” moments, for sure, sometimes more than we think we can handle. But mostly, always, we are blessed.

One older sister and one not-so-baby-boy nearly perfected my day today. A bit of reading and a great long run this morning were icing on the cake. Today was Sabbath at it’s best.


2 responses to “e b & j

  1. Thanks for lunch! So much fun.

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