things are heating up

Maybe it’s the time of year.  Or politics.  Or family stuff.  Or friend stuff.  Or work stuff.  Or something.  But everything seems so fast paced and crazy and busy.  It makes me want to stop.

The fast-paced life forces me towards contemplation after hours.  I tend towards introverted introspection anyways, and busyness seems to compound that tendency with a longing for quiet, for rest, for waiting.  If things are going to be so crazy, I want to ponder my choices and make sure they serve a greater purpose.

Life is supposed to matter, in the big picture and in the details.  Jesus had all of these crazy, beautiful ways of saying that.  And I believe it’s true.  The way we fill our days and weeks and years and moments matters.  A lot.

Tonight I carved pumpkins with some kids, sans a camera, and we laughed and played and made a mess.  After they went to bed I proofed photos of a family doing the best they can with the season they are in.  Tomorrow I get to hang out with a portion of the community I do a lot of life with.  It’s a good way to be working out what the best possible life looks like.

I’m not sure this busyness is it.  Hopefully not.  But I feel blessed that the process of working that out plays out full of people and beauty and wonder… and Jesus.  It’s late.  It’s bedtime.  It’s the end of another busy day.  And now, at the end of the day, the striving has ceased.  God is here.  I am aware.

Life is good.


One response to “things are heating up

  1. thanks for the quick chat. i love reading your words here… it’s kind of like a chat in the chairs.

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