just a little

too busy
too tired
too dull
too disinterested
done with busy
done with tired
done with dull
done with disinterested
too much to see
too much to hear
too much to seek
too much to find
refusal to settle
redemption again

Amber and I are taking a lot of photos these days. Debo took these photos of us when we did her senior pics the other day.

This time of year I tend to feel a little bogged down with the details of Mexico and the full slate of holiday photo sessions. This week I keep remembering that my life is full of get-to-dos instead of have-to-dos, and even when it’s busy I’m thankful and amazed. God’s incredible kindness to me is that I work with friends who are like family, both at church and in photography. I am surrounded by people when in my work too, and I get to see them and call out life… It’s a good way to live. Most days, even on the busy days, I think I am living the life intended for me.

So many crazy things are going on in the world, in the economy, in politics, in education and beyond… It’s important to stay grounded and to believe with hope that there’s more. I think so doing creates space to change the world.

I was just a little tired today when I left work, with piles of unfinished work stacked on my desk and overflowing onto the table in my office. I got home and went for a run. The wind pushed me to run a little harder, as today was the coolest day we’ve had to date this fall. I ran and thought and pondered and prayed. Things are just a little busy. But life is full.


2 responses to “just a little

  1. i love those pics. :] they should be your business card…
    i rode my new bike around this morning and am still amazed how much exuberance a single bike ride in fall can fill me with.

  2. make your body like an “s”!

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