composing days
takes snippets of time
strung together
these clothes on a line
color movements
enhancing all life
somber to ponder
reality divine
reaching out hands
to take yours and mine

I am proofing through Kentucky photos and came across these tonight. I love them:

The Western or at least American world forgets to slow down so often. We settle for speed and thrive on adrenaline while forgetting how to pause. I struggle to rest, to enjoy, to breathe. Moments slip by, and I miss out on joy. One of the gifts photography has given back to me is wonder.

I catch glimpses of people in the best and sometimes worst moments of their lives and get to capture them. Wonder ensues. It bleeds over into other parts of my life too, which is refreshing and soul-soothing.

Grace reintroduces itself to me a thousand times a day in seeing the light fall just so or finding words that beautify truth. Those little moments of grace undo me, because they are simple enough for me to carry them in my heart. And they are deep enough to transform my soul. It is as if the voice of God translates so that every ounce of my being settles down in his love; resting, enjoying, breathing. His kindness helps me to slow down and see. So I wonder.

For today I am thankful.


2 responses to “moments

  1. Love the sunflare!

  2. I love them all…I’m such a sucker for daddies and their little girls!

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