thirty: what i see, hear, taste, smell and touch from my thirty-day writing challenge

First of all, I see, hear, taste, smell and touch writing. Which is nice. I rediscovered an old friend these last thirty days.

Second of all, here are some photos from today. They make me happy.

For the last few years, writing has defined me. For the last few months, that definition got lost amid busyness and tiredness and boredom. Complacency allowed me to drop my pen in favor of distraction. Thank you, David Taylor, for helping me to pick my pen back up.

The last thirty days have given me this gift back. I write. I have written. I will always write. Writing is as ingrained in me as being me. It is a crucial part of who I am. So this thirty day writing challenge has reminded me of that. I feel reintroduced to a key part of my identity.

Tomorrow I leave for Mexico, where I will be until Monday, measuring feet so that my church can buy shoes for up to 500 impoverished kids in a community we have grown to love over time. These past thirty days have produced in me a hunger to share what I see happening all around me, including during this time I will be in the colonia.

I had not been writing for quite some time prior to taking up this writing challenge. Now I find myself leaving for Mexico a bit sad that these next few days will be without internet access. I will live without reporting here. But when I get back, I will return to writing. All will be well. Thank you for journeying with me these past 30 days. May the next 30 be equally as amazing.

Oh yeah, and if you think of something you would like for me to write about for these next 30 days, post a comment or send me an email, and I’ll do it.


One response to “thirty: what i see, hear, taste, smell and touch from my thirty-day writing challenge

  1. I want you to write about how you form individual relationships with so many siblings.

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