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…involved a lot of this…

And it was good, one of those days when it seemed like this is what I am made for… storytelling, the kind that happens when you really see someone. I get to tell stories with photos, with words, with life as part of the church. It is good.

Tomorrow will involve a lot of this…

I find myself anticipating already, which makes me thankful already for what a new day holds. I am off to bed…


just because

days fill up while nights shrink down
busy, busy, busy
that deep set frown
more, more, more
is left to be craved
reality gets famished
by the never ceasing craze

And yet, by grace, strides slow down. Air fills lungs to capacity. Pauses occur. Sabbath exists. All is well. But still, this was today. A little too much. Tomorrow will be better. Maybe. Hopefully.

things are heating up

Maybe it’s the time of year.  Or politics.  Or family stuff.  Or friend stuff.  Or work stuff.  Or something.  But everything seems so fast paced and crazy and busy.  It makes me want to stop.

The fast-paced life forces me towards contemplation after hours.  I tend towards introverted introspection anyways, and busyness seems to compound that tendency with a longing for quiet, for rest, for waiting.  If things are going to be so crazy, I want to ponder my choices and make sure they serve a greater purpose.

Life is supposed to matter, in the big picture and in the details.  Jesus had all of these crazy, beautiful ways of saying that.  And I believe it’s true.  The way we fill our days and weeks and years and moments matters.  A lot.

Tonight I carved pumpkins with some kids, sans a camera, and we laughed and played and made a mess.  After they went to bed I proofed photos of a family doing the best they can with the season they are in.  Tomorrow I get to hang out with a portion of the community I do a lot of life with.  It’s a good way to be working out what the best possible life looks like.

I’m not sure this busyness is it.  Hopefully not.  But I feel blessed that the process of working that out plays out full of people and beauty and wonder… and Jesus.  It’s late.  It’s bedtime.  It’s the end of another busy day.  And now, at the end of the day, the striving has ceased.  God is here.  I am aware.

Life is good.


day off + girlfriends + lunch + coffee + mall + movie= happy

one for a new little friend: bright future

new favorite photo:

it seems
the smaller you are
the easier it is
for mammoth sized dreams
to be where you live

changing the world?
a piece of cake
the universe soars
and high are the stakes
you shine so bright
with hope and light
little, little you
one grand, glorious life

saturday mornings…

…the waking up without an alarm
with crisp air and strong silence
coffee is poured
books are read
breakfast is warmed
dreams are spread
onto journal pages that shift
from blank canvas to colorful backdrops
of life

…the waking up without an alarm
heightens this sense of gratefulness
a new day seen for what it is
a treasure always
but often overlooked
like fall flowers pushing
their way up, up, up
providing colorful backdrops
to life

(the Ollie’s garden is a magical place)

supernanny… or something like that…

Told you I would post photos of my little friends yesterday… because I was missing them. Here is the little goose:

Kinda inconsistent color in these images, but man I love that little face. She is one happy little miss, full of life and a lover of people.

Her brother is more contemplative.

And I love and miss him too. He lives on the shy side, but once you’ve won him over, you are his forever.

The two of them, their parents and I spent a good deal of time together last year. I helped out during the first year of the twins’ life until they moved east in May. I visited in August, and on Tuesday night, we caught up on the phone. The babies were asleep.

I really, really love these kids and their parents. I love the people who make your life more alive, especially the ones who sneak in unexpectedly. It’s like color saturates corners of my heart and mind that I didn’t realize were ignored. I love that.

God created us with a huge capacity to love other people, and I love the way that plays out on the good days. Two little kids who will grow up far away from me have permanent residence in my heart. Their mom and dad will get that better than them, I suppose. I am not sad about that. I’m thankful for the season we’ve had, thankful that we’ve shared a chapter or two. I anticipate seeing what happens as our paths cross here and there.

These passing moments fill my heart to capacity. Life is good.