twenty-eight: an ode to self-obsessed poets

may you see beyond yourself
the world at hand
never ending in its
eternal bliss
made possible by eternal sacrifice
once, for all
one, for all
see the beauty
larger than you
larger than life
reality: truth

With the best of the self-obsessed poets, I find myself faltering in my own self-obsession. But on the days when I stop and look beyond me, sometimes the most ordinary of moments emerge as beautiful.

The photos collaged for today, shot in the midst of the mundane, are my favorite to date that I have posted here. A slowed down pace allowed a few clicks of the shutter to capture lovely light and ordinary moments of beauty. I love that.

I, in the midst of my busyness and chaotic pace, need to slow down, to breathe, to see. In so doing, grace emerges. I love that.

Here is my ode to self-obsessed poets: may your self-obession force you beyond your own skin and into the reality of this big, broad world, inviting something more, refusing something less. For self-obsession, unless it leads to humble change, leads only to emptiness, and perhaps ultimately, death.

I think there is something more…


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